Insurance Product Lead v2

Leading design in a worldwide team for a major insurance company project
The project goal was to re-thing the user experience of the website and the app of a health focusing offer from our client. The result of the project would also need to adapt in the futur to multiple countries in Europe.
I was part of Fjord Paris studio when I took part of this project. My role was to lead the design team. The main challenge beside the design, was the setup of the team. If I was in charge of a three designers team as well as the client relationship all working remotely, I also needed to align with the development team that was split between two different countries, as well as the different design teams that were working on other project across Europe.

My first task was to organise a two day kickoff with all the team members. We made sure during those starting days that all key member were aligned on the goal we wanted to achieve three months ahead

With this good start and building on a trust relationship with the project owner, we ran multiple design sprints to build feature by feature the new offer.

For each sprint we did interviews, fast prototyping and user test to always validate and invalidate hypothesis. Along with our client, we always revised our strategy at the end of each sprints based on our new learnings.

Once we had a first version of a complete experience, we builded Invision’s prototypes and sent a user test team to confront our design with the client’s end-users. Building on test learnings we revised and completed the experience and repeated the test

In addition to the solution we delivered, we also produced recommendation on a design roadmap the client could follow to improve the experience over time.

The solution we designed is now into development.