teaching design process v2

Teaching design process
and methodology
For the past years, I enjoy spending time teaching and sharing my experience in design. First by helping student at L’École de Design Nantes Atlantique during their diploma projects, but also by creating workshops targeting acculturation into companies.
It’s been now three years that I am a contributor at the Care Lab. Part of L’École de Design Nantes Atlantique, this lab is focusing on social innovation and health topics.

I take great joy to help the different student bring their diploma project to their best. I officially participate to share my expertise in Interaction Design. I reality, I also provide advice in terme of process and methodology, trying to share as much as possible tips and tools that have been gathered through experience.

As I am not the only participent to those “coaching” time, it’s also a great time to exchange with other professionals. Through those teaching sessions, it really allow me to clarify my thinking and ideas around design.
An other way for me to teach and learn, is to create and run workshops with design at it heart. As part of Fjord Paris, we often had to do workshops around projects, but also to work on the acculturation as part of Accenture. Nevertheless, the example I will be sharing here is a workshop done with the Care Lab of L’EDNA.

This workshop was in collaboration with Santé Publique France. The goal was to teach design methodology through concrete examples. Bringing in the same room twelves association leaders that had no knowledge about design process, we needed to come up with new directions on how to give access to healthy food.

This workshop had multiple challenges for us: First we needed to help and give advise to the student running the workshop. Second we needed to make sure we would end up with good enough directions to take away. Last but not least, we needed to make sure that all participants understood the value of the different design methodologies we were using.

We made ourself as accessible as possible to exchange and answer all questions that the different actors could have, from design students to complete neophytes. As a designer, I always try to empathise with people I am talking and walking with, taking that into account, this workshop was a real success, full of learning, not only for participant but also for me.